Monday, September 12, 2005

My Secondary School Life Part 1

My Form 1 life started at SM Damansara Utama, well its not really that memorable as only few things happens which i hardly forget. I get to know 2 good friends. They both sure are smarter than me, i even had to get answers from them during exam haha. Oh yea, they say i look like Nobita, a fat one haha, Big specs, short-pants, the hair style which i no need to explain and you guys can find it out haha. Malays in my class very suck, they suck to the max, everytime steal my Stationary things. Yea, got a malay bully me till i burst out in tears and shout at him damn loud in front of teacher "I HATE U", well i was weak that time. One day, our class Secretary which she usually collect 20sen everyday, for class money. Someone stole the $ from her bags, and she cried so hard and i did ask her how much the lost is ? She said Rm2.50! Then the HERO STUPID me gave Rm2.50 to her. Well i was doing it just to stop her from crying, she is sitting behind me, and her cries really annoying. We had a History teacher, she is the most Fierce i had ever known, infact she is the best teacher i have known in my school life. 1st time she came to our class, everyone hates her, due to her strictness. When her class periods arrive, we all had to stand up before she enters our class rooms, if not she will punish us. Everyone must remain silent and focus during her teaching. Got 1 time, i whisper to my friend also end up being punish and standing up for the whole period, how cruel. This teacher her senses is very good too, even 1 of my indian classmate keeps on peeping below her as wind is big, blowing up her skirts. So he end up being scolded infront of everyone in the class.

Form 2 was the year i start gambling, well Betting on Football World Cup. Just wanna feel the excitement haha. Well luck is not with me, i end up losing and had to pay up with my pocket $. One of my friend, he is Chinese educated. His english and malay language is not that well. One time he play betting with his friend, and he lost around RM100 and he decide not to pay his friend as the betting there were some glinch which be able to make my friend not to pay his friend. So his friend is not satisfy, calling people to collect from my friend, not RM100 but more, RM500. My friend no choice but to go report this to Principle. As he scare being beat up. So i end up being my friend's transolator, while the principle calls the group up to the office and clearing things up. And so from that day onwards, i too was being aim by those gang. I was so innocent. Luckily these gang aint in the school for long, as they did many bad things in school ends up being expell. That very year, i had a crush on a girl, she is quite pretty and that year's valentines day, i present her a box of chocolates. Oh well didn't turn out good as i am not her type haha. She didn't say anything though, as the way she treated me i know. Well that was my 1st time buying things for a girl. I feel sad whenever i see her talking to a guy so closely. She used to talk to me alot but she stop after she receive my gift. Very sad but i still move on. I am just a happy go lucky guy afterall. hehe

Form 3, i only study SM Damasara Utama for 2 months then transfer to La Salle at Klang, due my dad's work moved to Klang, so i had to follow too. Well not much friends wishes me but most of them glad that i leave haha. To them i am nothing but guy that they looking down. On 1st term exam Geografy test, i didn't even bother to touch the book nor i didn't studied it at all. There is this guy, study so hard to remember and yet the result comes out, he gets 40 points while i get 70 points. He's kinda pissed, not at me of cos. He did ask me how come i get so high, and i did tell him Geografy test is about Comman Sense not everything comes out from the books. Next thing he do, tore the book apart and into the dustbin haha. So, i have move to Klang, SM La Salle, which is my school nightmare starting. At 1st i am ok, getting along with others. 1st friend i know is this Malay guy. On the 1st day i know him, he seems so nice to me, telling me what i need to know about the school. Yea i consider him as a buddy, soon i get to know others well too, and i end up mixing with another malay, he keeps on like to tease the 1st Malay guy that i know. And i got notty join in the teasing game with others haha. Oh yea, my class got 1 fellow an indian, he is totally like Forest Gump and the 1st malay i know he likes to hang out with him and i dunno why but all this i get to know later. One day, during our Science class and we went to science lab. There were 8 big tables, which 4 of it at the front taken by we all. Meanwhile the behind us, the last table sitting the 1st Malay and that Indian Forest Gump. I thought they feel like being desolated so thats why sitting apart. Later i accidentally drop my pencil, i bend down to pick it up and i turn my head looking behind and i saw something which i arent suppose to see. What i saw quickly sit back up, and i told my friend beside me, he bend down to and look. Man he was freak out too. What we both saw is the Malay putting his hand into the Indian Forest Gump's PANTS!!!. This is totally GAY! haha. After science period, news spread like a fish market ! Within 2 periods, the entire school knew this incident. And everything burst out, as the indian fellow tell all out, well he is just being a forest gump not a total dumb. This all started when they are in Standard 6, yea SM La Salle and SRK La Salle is just beside. Things started when The Malay fellow lie to that indian fellow that he lost his watch at the toilet, asking that indian go toilet help him find. Well those gangs in the school kinda pissed, this gayboy malay ill-treat the poor indian. Early morning Indian gangs came, give him a tight slap, then recess time Malay gangs came beating him up. Then after school, chinese gangs waited him at outside, and i dunno what happen to him. But next day he came to school with his dad and request a direct transfer to another school. Well what to do, as things get serious haha. And i was lucky that i tease him, if not i might end up being his victim ! yucks!!.

Friday, September 09, 2005

My Primary School Life

Memories of my past, i dont know why i still can remember clearly, maybe my past is meant for me to remember for the rest of my life, ah heck who knows, if i really want to forget all, i just bang my head on the walls ? hmm, sound stupid rite? Might as well i write it all here sharing with people that read this, who knows in case something really happens to me that i will never be able to tell my tales haha. Weird thing is, when i was small i love to eat durians, i just dont know why now i dont like durians. Maybe i ate too much haha, i do remember i ate with both hands also holding durian, kinda greedy eh haha.

Ok here's my primary life, i remember when i was Standard one, i was kinda notty, errr well infact a very bad one. So young and i know how to borrow $ from those tai kor older than me and never will know to return haha, well at that time borrow also get only 10 sen to 20 sen haha, usually those tai kor who took pity on me, haha sounds like a begger eh ? well cant blame, at that time my parent left me at Johor to stay with my Aunt while they busy working at Kelantan, and my aunt arent that rich, each day also give me 10sens to 20sens to eat. There is one person, who use to bully me, he is indeed bigger size than me, he is the one that took my money and i will end up being beat up if i dont give him. Well some tai kor really help me, beat him off and that tai kor ends up to Principle office but luckily nothing happen to tai kor and same goes to that big bully, Principle just give a warning thats all haha. Well me of cos nothing happen, since that day no more borrow no more beg no more being bully ~! yeah!

One day, which i forgot which day haha, i went to toilet and accidentally fell into it, my whole body cover with shits, when i go back to class everyone was looking at me, then they begin to laugh even teachers too. I was so embarrass and i just smile back at them. So i end up have to sit on the floor for whole day infront of everyone, cos teacher doesn't want me to dirty the furniture, how cruel. Well that year do end real fast. That very same year, i was being Transfer back to Kelantan which i start my Standard 2 life there with my parents and also i learn my secret skill, Flying Kick haha, i do really make a flying kick to a kid haha, cos that kid was playing with 2 girls which is my classmate, suddenly those girls ask that kid come hit me and of cos i had to defend myself, so i do my flying kick stun to that kid, he fell but few minutes later that kid dad came, haha i am in deep shit, he even knows me and knows my mom. My mom was a hairdresser that time. And the girls, gone in a flash haha. So that kid's dad say he will report this to my mom, and i try to explain he wouldn't listen, no point cos i am just a child afterall. That day i end up being scold by my mom, yea the one every kids fear, The Cane. I end up getting few stroke on my ass, ouch. Well later on my mom came and apply medicine on my ass, she scare might get scar, haha. Well next day those girls was playing by a school building, as usual i join them, one of the girl fell of the edge, and her face bang directly to the floor and fainted. What i do ? surely run faster to report to a teacher, while the other girl waited there. Teachers came, took her to hospital which is near by our school block, and i done even dare to look on her face but instead i keep on staring at the blood at the scene, so much blood. That time i thought if i stare at blood longer i might turn into a vampire haha, my fantasy sure is incredible. And so the girl was brought back from hospital to school, waiting for her parents to come pick her up, i thought she should be left at hospital rite ? but instead bring to school, damn those stupid hospital and teachers too. Well i wasn't there so cant blame them too haha.

Ok, standard 3, only 1 thing i remember well, is i accidentally poke my fren's nose with a pencil led. He bleed, but he doesn't feel pain, i was kinda freak out cos its my fault though haha. That time he or me doesn't have tissue around, and he end up using MatchBox cover to clean it up. Well luckily he turn out ok the next day hehe. Well that was a 2 year life at Kelantan.

My dad found a job at Petaling Jaya, which he work with my Uncle starting my Standard 4 life. So we moved to PJ where i study at SRK Damansara Utama, i get to know some new friends, most of them very smart, hell even smarter than me, i have crush on a girl which she study on top of my class, even some of my classmate have crush on her, now i wonder is it a crush or i just admiring. My classmate would go over crazy of her, everyday go to her class just to have a glance of her, well i do steal a glance of her when she pass by our class. Of cos my feelings that time no one knows, but my classmate he go tell everyone that he loves her, acting like young Romeo. He even stick her pictures on his bag, his wallet, his pencil box, well the pic is taken from our School Book. Ok this is far more like a stalker, the worst one. At last his secret spread to the girl, that girl freak out and have her dad comes, haha. At that time the scene was interesting. My that classmate ends up transfer to other schools.

Standard 5, i started playing Tamiya, which is an Expensive Hobby, the parts so damn expensive. I even have to sell my Micro Genius's game to buy the parts haha. Been to Tamiya competitions always come close to 1st play, everytime 2nd place. Darn it becos 2nd place no Prize, what a suck competition. And so till Standard 6, i begin to play Super Nintendo games haha, which is i spend all my school $ playing on the game shop, i even skip school and stay whole day at game shop playing. This is what really happens when i get addicted to it. Well i did get caught by my parents, as their friends inform them, darn spies lol. Well this is all in my Funny Crazy Primary Life.

Introduction of myself

Hi, I am Jason, Age 25, Chinese.

Place of Birth: Kelantan, Malaysia
Occupation: Shipping - Family Business
Hobbies: Chatting, Gatherings, Games, Musics & sometimes once a blue moon will go Clubbing
Dislikes: Alcohol, Smoking & People who tell lies
Status: Single (Just broke up last June).